Simple Website Example

Complete Source Code for your first Website

This is a very Simple Website Template you can use to create your first website. It includes comments to help anyone who is just starting with Web Development.

 HTML5 with CSS

<!-- this is a comment it will not be seen on our website-->

<!--below is the code to tell the computer we are using HTML-->

<!DOCTYPE html>

<!--this is the head where we add the unseen title and style tags for our CSS-->

        <title>Simple Website</title>
        <!--Our CSS Style that uses each tag name to give it attributes-->
            background-color: lightblue;
                width: 100%;
                height: 50px;
                background-color: yellow;
                width: 350px;
                background-color: yellow;
    <!--This is our body the area that will be seen on our Webdites-->
    <!--The header is different than head this will be seen. Inside it is our H1 or biggest text tag -->
            <h1>My First Webpage</h1>
        <!--This is an H3 tag still larger than normal text but smaller than H1-->
        <h3>My First Subheading</h3>
        <!--This is our p or paragraph section-->
        <p>My first paragraph that will be followed by......
         my first picture.........                blah............blah.......awe......cute.....puppies.....</p>
         <!--This is our image tag-->
        <img src="">

    <p>Lets add a link to learn more about cute puppies</p>
    <!--Link Tag-->
    <a href="">cute puppies</a>
    <p>Thats your first basic website lets add a footer before we finish</p>
    <!--Footer tag-->

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