A Compilation of Articles for Aspiring Programmers

This is a great article i found in one of my FB groups i wanted to share... 

*Featured Article written by Lambert Antonio

A compilation of articles for aspiring programmers
I’ve been reading the same thing over and over so I thought I’d make a list which I can point beginners to, but before that here’s a bit of a disclaimer: Scroll if you want to skip my babbling and just find the links. Parts of this compilation are some articles that I strongly believe should be read specially if you aspire to be programmers. Some of my comments may sound like a rant but believe me it is not, it is better that you get the bad habits out now before it becomes part of you permanently.
Now, you may ask “Why do this when people can ask questions and get answers from willing people”. Well, it’s not just because I and some others think you are being lazy, it’s just that your laziness is out-of-place. A good programmer needs to be lazy, I’m sure you’ve heard of that, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your work.
Laziness means a different thing when it comes to programming, it doesn’t mean not making an effort, here’s a good read of what it is about.
Often I see people asking someone to teach them and I often answer, what do you want to do? I think people are jumping into programming blindly so I thought these might be of help:
I also often see people asking what’s the best this and what’s the best that, this I say that it is subjective and you should try it out for yourself, anyway, here are some articles that might help that realization:
For aspiring programmers, regardless of what they dream to do part of it is income. Of course to some passion is important, but if this is not your passion and it’s not about the money I would suggest to look at these:
Skill is not the only requirement to be a productive programmer, behavior as well as attitude is as important, some of it are listed here:
Part of my trolling is spent most of the time for people posting their home works, not only it is bad habit but it also attracts people to spoon feed them which is much worst than that. It’s not bad to help people but I believe that when you spoon feed people you are making them dependent to you and possibly a risk to anyone who will hire them. Here are some articles to give you an idea as to where I am coming from:
Lastly, I’m sharing an article which also been one of the topics at Google talks. I think this applies to all.


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