Custom Search Feature

Free Code Examples has an awesome new feature a custom search bar.

This custom search is preset with Programming related keyword filters to help you find exactly what you are searching for.

We have all seen people asking questions and getting the answer "Google it" where I couldn't agree more we should all try to find our own solutions first. I have also experienced the frustrations of googling my question to have pages of completely unrelated topics appear. 

That's where this Custom Search bar should come in handy. It's designed to provide you with Programming related search results. I hope this is helpful and look forward to hearing feedback on it's performance and suggestions for additional keywords to add to improve the Programming related search experience.

You can find this custom search bar on this page as well as at the top right of all of our pages here on Free Code Examples. Another is available at the bottom of pages in the footer. I hope you enjoy this great tool and it will provide us all with great resources for creating the amazing Programs that will power our future.

Thanks and Happy Searching 🙂


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