Top !0 Best Programming Jokes

Programmers work very hard and think even harder.

This is a list of the Top 10 Programming Jokes to give your mind a little break and a much needed giggle.

Top 10 Best Programming Jokes

#9 The two states of Programmers

If you Program or write code you can relate to this. We have all had those moments where we are having trouble with a code and feel ignorant and defeated. Just to turn it around get it running and feel on top of the world. 

#8 Definition of Algorithm

Its a bit more complex than that so i will try to explain.... ok never mind that sounds about right to me.

#7 Binary

Get it? Its binary 1s and 0s so 10 equals... if you still don't get it look it up in a bit.

#6 The Sleeping Programmer

So you finally made it to bed before the sun rises. Your slipping off to dreamland when... yep you guessed it your amazing brain has just figured out how to fix that bug. No worries a little more coffee will get you thru till you finish the update.

#5 Pyramid of Intellect

Congratulations you have climbed your way to the top.

#4 Most used Language

That's Correct. Its a great field we have chosen but extremely frustrating at times.

#3 Documentation

Lol how !False  

#2 Features

I have used this line a few times. I would love to read a list of the most interesting accidental features that have been created.

#1 Hide and Seek Champion

We have all missed one of these guys at some point and time.

#0 Development Process

This can also be the result of #1s Championship playoffs. 

Well there we have it i hope you enjoyed no worries i will be back soon with more awesome Programming Jokes 


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