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So what is a Webview app? 

Great Question so far I have created 2 kinds of Webview apps:

Secret Emojis

Travel Blast New York


Free Code Examples

50+ Games 1 tiny app

The first type Secret Emojis and the Travel Blast series uses Webview to run HTML CSS and JavaScript internally in the app I added the files as assets and enabled the Webview.  This is great for offline use and creates a fun app written with Web Languages.

The second type Free Code Examples and Gameland enables internet within the app and simply links to my websites which are full of HTML CSS and JavaScript 100s of pages of content hosted by my website viewable thru my app. My favorite part of this second kind is I can add new content and make changes to the website without the need to rebuild the app and create a new release.

I hope this short article helps you to understand the various kinds of Webview apps. I will create more posts explaining the process of creating each type step by step with source codes soon Thanks and Happy Coding! USA, LLC


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