Top 10 Best Books for Creating Android Apps

Top 10 Best Android App Development Books

Building Android Apps is fun and creative! If you want to learn how to make your own Android Apps these are the Top 10 Best Books I found to help you get started or improve your existing knowledge.

#10 Android Programming Guide

This book will teach you Android App Development using Java and Android Studio click on the amazon link to hear a free audio preview of the book and learn all about installing Java and Android Studio to your computer.

#9 Hello Android

This book takes you from Hello World to creating your own game all the way to introducing you to Google Play.

#8 Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials

This teaches Android Development using Kotlin and covers all the essentials you will need to develop a winning app.

#7 Android App Development

This is an official textbook on Android App Development. If you are like me and enjoy Textbook formats this book will help you become an excellent software engineer.

#6 Beginning Android Programming with Android Studio

This book uses a hands on approach to take you from installing Android Studio to developing your first app.

#5 Android Cookbook

This great book includes lots of helpful recipes aka sample codes to give you the ingredients you need to create awesome Android Apps.

#4 Android Application Development all in One

Im a Dummy and i like learning from this series. 6 books in 1 with 800+ pages will take you from beginner to expert app developer.

#3 Android Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This book is written for those with some previous Java knowledge its from The Big Nerd Ranch Guide series. At first i was a bit confused by the unicycle on the cover. I was like what does this have to do with anything? Then i remembered the unicycle i had as a kid and it got me thinking Big Nerd Ranch does this mean Nerds ride unicycles? Hmmm yet another moment of self realization and acceptance. 

#2 Head First Android Development

I really like this Head First series created by people who have studied the brain and learning it engages your senses to help you learn in a more visually stimulating way. This book is a great tool for learning Android development.

#1 Learn Java by Building Android Games

Ok if you know me you know i love Games.  This book teaches Java and Android App development while learning to build fun games. Its great for beginners and walks you thru step by step while creating multiple games like Simon and Snake.

Developing Android applications is great i hope you enjoy the experience and create awesome apps! Best of Luck and Happy Coding!




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