How to Create your own Website or Blog for Free

Free Websites and Blogs

Does this sound too good to be true? I promise you it's not and I will show you exactly how to do this yourself.

Step 1 Join Blogger

Blogger is a part of Google it provides an easy to use platform for creating, adding to, and editing Blogs and Websites. Free hosting, and even your own domain using

It's 100% free to join and use. With tons of Free Resources Blogger provides to add widgets and exciting content to your sites.

Step 2 Create

Tap a few buttons to agree to terms then choose a name for your new Blog or Website below that create the web address if what you want isn't available just try variations until you find something that fits. You will also get the option to purchase a custom domain if you want. Next pick a template. No worries this will be easy to change at anytime so just select one you like and Create.

Step 3 Add Content

Your new Website or Blog is already live on the internet it was that simple. I'm sure you want a little more than just the template and your Blog Name so let's create content. Select New Post add a title, type, add pictures, links, whatever you like and hit publish. Click View blog to see your new content added. 

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Now you have worked hard for the last few minutes to create this right? Just kidding it was easy but still you want people to see the genius who created this correct? Go to settings then user settings you will see User Profile click edit under Blogger to the right. Go to Profile Photo add one add more information about yourself if you like scroll down select Save Profile and that's it everyone will now see who created this site. View your blog again and enjoy being a fellow Website owner. 

That's it continue to create content as you please customize your site if you like by clicking theme then customize. You can also try layout where you can add dozens of Free Widgets to add awesome content to your new site. 

Congratulations new Website owner I look forward to visiting your site feel free to drop a link to it in comments here so I can visit. Let me know if you want more instructions to create awesome websites and Blogs using Blogger




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