Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

So what exactly is Capture the Flag? Excellent question there are many types of the game this introduction from Cybrary will help you to understand.

My first experience with this came after reading this great article

I joined the site they mentioned in the article HackerOne and here my journey began.

HackerOne has a free CTF or Capture the Flag game that's awesome for beginners. I was a little nervous to jump right in so I watched one of the free videos they offer and joined the discord group for members.

Here I found a friendly community of people encouraging me to jump right in and give it a try. The Discord site also has a channel dedicated to each challenge with a few extra hints with folks willing to help if you get stuck.

I hope you will consider joining as a Programmer it's great to know how we can build better more secure codes and what better way to learn than thru a fun game. Thanks Happy Coding and Flag Capturing!




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