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Free Video Learn Python

Learn Python Programming for free.

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200+ Programming Resources

200+ Programming Resources
This is an Open Source project created by my friend KrOW started on Sololearn and continuing to grow on Github. This program contains over 200 links and Resources to help Programmers at every level find helpful information.

*Featured Code Created by KrOW

I love how KrOW added a link to see this code running in this Github repo reading the code is awesome in many aspects but it helps me so much to see a code running to fully grasp it's potential. If you have links you would like to see added feel free to leave them in comments here and I will forward them to KrOW or suggest/add them via Sololearn or Github.

Thanks and Happy Coding!

Major Outage hits Well-known Programming Site

International Programming Community Experiencing Major Outage
A well know website and app for Programmers with millions of members is experiencing a major outage. 

The site has been down for over 12 hours leaving many students and professionals unable to access their programs, projects, games, homework, and codes stored on the site.
Sololearn has reached out to its millions of international members using social media to let them know they are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Sololearn  is an educational app and website where players can learn Programming skills for free in a game like environment.

Members can learn and practice the basics of 12+ programming languages including Python, C#, Java, Ruby, Php, and more... The site offers a helpful and encouraging community of new to professional programmers willing to answer your questions and share ideas. 

Some members are expressing concern about the major outage but overall the community is grateful for this awesome …

Learn Bug Bounties

How to get started in Bug Bounties 
This is a great video for anyone wanting to earn money from Legal Bug Bounties. Learn tips and tricks to get you started.

Crypto Mining

How to create a free website to mine Cryptocurrency 
Step 1: Create a Free Blog or Website using Blogger. Wordpress or any other free Hosting. Find out how on this post... 
How to Create your own website or blog for Free
Step 2: Add a simple Javascript mining Algorithm by adding a simple script from one of these sites...

It's that simple just add quality content to your sites and watch your Crypto Wallets Grow!

Free Cloud Mining