How to use Google Fonts

How to use Google Fonts

*Featured Code submitted and Created by Brunnhilde(OFFLINE)

HTML with CSS and JavaScript

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
        <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
        <title>Google Fonts</title>
<style>p, ol {font-family: 'Indie Flower', cursive;}
h1{font-family: 'Gloria Hallelujah', cursive;}
a:hover{background-color:#FFCDD2 ;}

        <h1>How to Use Google Fonts</h1>
        <p>Google Fonts offers a wide variety of fonts to choose for your website. The only problem I had (at first) was adding it to my webpage;I didn't know how. I now understand how to add any of the fonts to my website. Let me show you how....</p>
            <li>Go to <a href=""> Google Fonts</a>.</li>
            <li>Choose a font of your choice by clicking the plus sign at the top right of the "text box".</li>
            <li>Click on the family selected box.</li>
            <li>Copy the code <i><b>into the head of the HTML document</b></i>.</li>
            <li>Copy the CSS rule(s) into the CSS document.</li>
    <button onclick="myFunction()">CLICK ME!</button>
<p id="demo"></p>

function myFunction() {
    var txt;
    var r = confirm("Press any button!");
    if (r == true) {
        txt = "Thanks for viewing!";
    } else {
        txt = "Bye Bye!";
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = txt;

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