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What is an Easter Egg some of you may be asking. An Easter Egg in a code or program is a hidden surprise placed there by the developer. The first known Easter Egg was created by Warren Robinett in the 1979 Atari game Adventure. It was a single pixel that when moved to a specific place would display his name. 
Some famous Easter Eggs that have been found include a hidden flight simulator in Microsoft Excel, a pinball game in Microsoft Word, and the fun do a barrel roll search on Google.

Now that we understand a lil more about Easter Eggs lets start our Game...

I have hidden an Easter Egg somewhere here on Free Code Examples.

When or if you find it be the first person on each platform to reveal the location and secret message of the hidden Easter Egg. Your name will be added to the winners list here. 

Winners will be announced for the first to reveal on each of the following platforms.

The comments section here on this page

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Best of Luck and Enjoy the Hunt!




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