Top Ten Best Apps to Learn Programming

The Top 10 Best Apps to Learn Programming Languages

#10 Encode

Encode offers bite-sized courses with code examples and challenges to get you coding. This is a good app for beginners who wish to learn the fundamentals.

#9  Udemy

Udemy Horizontal Logo

Udemy is an online marketplace with over 80,000 courses available. Most of these are not free but if you search around you can find lots of great deals on them.

#8 w3schools

W3Schools is a great resource for online or offline Learning. It's easy to understand format is an asset to Beginners as well as Experienced Programmers.

#7 Udacity

Udacity offers a School of Programming as well as Schools for AI, Data Science, Nano Degrees and much more.

#6 mimo

Mimo is a fun app to learn not only Programming but Game Building, App Development, Ethical Hacking, and more.

#5 Coursera icon

Online learning to jumpstart your future.

Coursera offers many great courses from top rated universities.  With the paid version you can earn certificates and even a degree.

#4 Khan Academy

Khan Academy has excellent Programming Lessons as well as many other subjects and it's totally free. Khan Academy is a non profit organization that offers an abundance of video and text lessons from experts.

#3 HTML Code Play

HTML Code Play has excellent code examples and useful information. My favorite part is the Facebook page where you will find a helpful community along with the creator Merbin who takes the time to personally answer many questions.

#2 Programming hub

Programming Hub has lots of languages to choose from with an easy to follow format. It's great for beginners or those wanting to review or pick up an additional Programming Language skills.

#1 Sololearn Learn to Code for Free

Sololearn is my personal favorite! With over 27,000,000+ learners you are never alone. This awesome community has helpful people always willing to answer your programming questions. With over 1500+ lessons you will find a lot to learn and share in this encouraging community.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Best List and find it helpful. Please consider making a donation to support the developer. Thank you and have a Blessed Day.


  1. Sololearn is great. I also follow hackerrank for competitive programming and learning new skills.

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