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Top 10 Best Books for Creating Android Apps

Top 10 Best Android App Development Books Building Android Apps is fun and creative! If you want to learn how to make your own Android Apps these are the Top 10 Best Books I found to help you get started or improve your existing knowledge. #10 Android Programming Guide This book will teach you Android App Development using Java and Android Studio click on the amazon link to hear a free audio preview of the book and learn all about installing Java and Android Studio to your computer. #9 Hello Android This book takes you from Hello World to creating your own game all the way to introducing you to Google Play. #8 Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials This teaches Android Development using Kotlin and covers all the essentials you will need to develop a winning app. #7 Android App Development This is an official textbook on Android App Development. If you are like me and enjoy Textbook formats th

Jets Shootout

Jets Shootout *Featured Game Created by  r8w9 Have fun playing this fun Jet Game and view the well commented Source code to learn more about creating your own games Source Code HTML CSS and JavaScript <!DOCTYPE html> <html>     <head>         <!--<div>Icons made by <a href="" title="Creaticca Creative Agency">Creaticca Creative Agency</a> from <a href=""                 title="Flaticon"></a> is licensed by <a href=""                 title="Creative Commons BY 3.0" target="_blank">CC 3.0 BY</a></div>    -->         <title>Page Title</title>         <style>             * {   padding: 0;   margin: 0;    overflow: hidden;   background: url("htt

Gameland Webview Apps

Awesome Webview Apps So what is a Webview app?  Great Question so far I have created 2 kinds of Webview apps: Secret Emojis Travel Blast New York and Free Code Examples Gameland 50+ Games 1 tiny app The first type Secret Emojis and the Travel Blast series uses Webview to run HTML CSS and JavaScript internally in the app I added the files as assets and enabled the Webview.  This is great for offline use and creates a fun app written with Web Languages. The second type Free Code Examples and Gameland enables internet within the app and simply links to my websites which are full of HTML CSS and JavaScript 100s of pages of content hosted by my website viewable thru my a

Battlebot 1 Sawhorse

Battlebot 1 Sawhorse  Battlebot 1 Saw Horse Tap to move ⬆️ ⬇️ ⬅️ ➡️ Source Code Html5 CSS JQUERY <!DOCTYPE html> <html>     <head>         <title>Battlebot 1 Saw Horse</title>          <script src=""></script>         <style>             #bg {     background-image:url(;     background-size: 360px; height:500px; width:350px; } #a{     position:absolute ;     width:40px;     height:40px;     background-color:black;     top:135px;     left:200px;     border-radius:100%;} #b{     position:absolute ;     width:40px;     height:40px;    

Awesome JavaScript Reference

Awesome JavaScript Reference JavaScript Glossary of Terms Ajax- "(asynchronous JavaScript and XML)" – set of web development techniques using many web technologies on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications. With Ajax, web applications can send data to and retrieve from a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. Algorithm- set of computer instructions to produce an output or end state from an input or beginning state. What programs are made of. Arity-      refers to the number of arguments an operator takes. ex: a binary function takes two arguments Attribute- An attribute is a modifier of an element type. Bookmarklet- technique of saving JavaScript within a bookmark or hyperlink, so that it can be executed by clicking on it. In many cases, the link can be dragged and dropped to the browser toolbar for e