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How to Create your own Website or Blog for Free

Free Websites and Blogs Does this sound too good to be true? I promise you it's not and I will show you exactly how to do this yourself. Step 1 Join Blogger Blogger is a part of Google it provides an easy to use platform for creating, adding to, and editing Blogs and Websites. Free hosting, and even your own domain using It's 100% free to join and use. With tons of Free Resources Blogger provides to add widgets and exciting content to your sites. Step 2 Create Tap a few buttons to agree to terms then choose a name for your new Blog or Website below that create the web address if what you want isn't available just try variations until you find something that fits. You will also get the option to purchase a custom domain if you want. Next pick a template. No worries this will be easy to change at anytime so just select one you like and Create. Step 3 Add Content Your new Website or Blog is already live on the internet it w

Free Code Examples Directory

Share with Friends Free Code Examples Directory and List of Codes by Language Free Code Examples is an excellent Resource for learning new Programming Syntax or just grabbing a piece of Code to add to your Current Project Java Codes Java Current Time snd Date Java Random Numbers Java Square Root Cube Root Square and Cube of Number Java Code to Reverse Number Java Code to Reverse String Java Program to Check if Input is Vowel Java Odd or Even Java Fibonacci Sequence Java Program to Create a Diamond 8 Codes to find Versions Hello World in 10 Programming Languages Python Codes Rock Paper- Scissors Game with Python Card Deck Class with Python Python GUI Fun with Turtle Python Word Repeater Program Scientific Notation using Python NASA API with Python Machine- Learning Logistic Regression Python Machine Learning L