Major Outage hits Well-known Programming Site

International Programming Community Experiencing Major Outage

A well know website and app for Programmers with millions of members is experiencing a major outage. 

The site has been down for over 12 hours leaving many students and professionals unable to access their programs, projects, games, homework, and codes stored on the site.

Sololearn has reached out to its millions of international members using social media to let them know they are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Sololearn  is an educational app and website where players can learn Programming skills for free in a game like environment.

Members can learn and practice the basics of 12+ programming languages including Python, C#, Java, Ruby, Php, and more... The site offers a helpful and encouraging community of new to professional programmers willing to answer your questions and share ideas. 

Some members are expressing concern about the major outage but overall the community is grateful for this awesome free app and are waiting patiently for the site to return so they can continue their 100s of days streaks and say hi to their like minded friends around the world.

Hopefully the website and app will be up again soon. When it is I hope you will join us and experience the joy of learning in this exciting awesome community.


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